Long-sleeved dresses – Timelessness and Comfort


Although age boundaries are slowly becoming blurred and there is no longer a clear line between clothes for younger and older women, mothers often prefer to appear serious and “look their age”, in order to set a good example to their teenage daughters. Meanwhile, young mothers, whose main occupation is still the care of small children, appreciate convenience above all. Good designs for both of these situations combine femininity, elegance and comfort – but in which styles may such luxury be found? Which facets allow such luxury? For the everyday, there are certainly tracksuit skirts maxi skirts, and one-piece jumpsuits that have returned to fashion as one of the more comfortable designs. Similarly, the timelessness of long-sleeved dresses means they never go out of fashion, and their versatility allows them to be worn both in everyday situations and as evening dresses. 

Evening Wear for Mums – What to Wear for a Special Occasion? 


An empty wardrobe, no opportunity to dive into the shops, endless work and childcare – all this makes it hard for a mum to conjure up a dress that will shine during an elegant evening out. This is especially true for those mums who attend big events only once in a while, and are more normally to be found dressed in a wide flowery skirttracksuit skirt or a dress bought online at a ridiculously low price. So what to do in such a situation? If your last resort is shopping, check out what’s on the catwalks and in the fashionista’s wardrobes. 

The first things to come to mind in the context of evening dresses are of course the classic collection and the timeless little black dress. It’s the perfect choice for women who value style and taste and do not like to stand out from the crowd (unlike the alternate version for brave women – the red dress). This season’s trends favour puffed sleeves, ideal for women with a slim figure and narrow shoulders. Similarly, large flounces make a loose-fitting and serious impression. If you’re worried about larger arms and would like to draw emphasis away from them, choose a ¾ length sleeve or just a long-sleeve dress, for dresses that expose the shoulders, chest and bust can be unforgiving for this type of figure. A poorly selected design will even have the visual impression of adding a few kilograms! A little black dress perfectly highlights long legs and shapely hips, especially when combined with high heels. To vitalise your outfit, don’t opt only for dull colours – instead, choose shoes in bold and fashionable shades – cobalt, fuchsia and lime green. 

If not a little black dress from a classic collection, you might want to opt for a blouse plus skirt or trousers. Such an outfit can be easily assembled, and its elements replaced with newer designs. While a formal dress is likely to remain on its hanger, a combination of, for example, white blouse and pencil skirt, is more versatile. This season, the cape blouse – which mums absolutely love – is a fashion reminiscent of courtly attire of long ago. They are a good choice for a dinner or wedding because they are very elegant, refined and stylish. But what colour? Every one! Beige, white, bronze and other earth colours are recommended for delicate women. For ladies with dark complexion and character, intense colors such as cobalt, fuchsia, lime, red or yellow, will be ideal. You can also balance the dynamics of your outfit by combining a cape blouse with, for example, a maxi skirt or a pencil skirt, which perfectly emphasises and slims the figure. If you choose a bright blouse, match it with a floral skirt.

Elegant Trousers are a Good Alternative to Dresses for Special Occasions 


If not a skirt, then maybe trousers. Jeans shorts may not suitable for a mum’s age, but jeans with long tapered legs are perfect with any type of blouse. Among the women’s clothing in each wardrobe should also be high-waisted trousers, which this season dominate in shop windows. They are not the perfect alternative to dresses for special occasions, but they will work at every event if they are elegant enough and match the rest of the outfit. What do they look best with? With a white blousecape blouse or blouse with padded shoulders. It is worth mentioning that, this season, oversize blouses slightly outperform waist-hugging blouses, emphasising the strengths of the figure.

The Tracksuit Skirt  – Comfort or Embarrassment? 


It’s clear that the tracksuit style is associated mainly with sport, housework and … trousers. Recently, though, the tracksuit skirt has been a hit on the shop shelves. And although they remain rather the domain of younger girls, mums look great in them too, especially styled as maxi skirts or pencil skirts. It is the length is that determines what suits mum, and what’s for her teenage daughter, rather than the material itself and the cut. The biggest advantage of a tracksuit skirt is comfort, as they are great both for everyday wear – visiting the store or going out with friends – and as less formal outfits for work. Designers also recommend combining loose-fitting casual skirts with elegant white blouses. This combination is not jarring – on the contrary, it is very tasteful. This is a perfect example of modern urban style, which is a composed (apart from the tracksuit style material) of sports shoes, which are also the perfect match for the casual skirt. Such casual skirts are the best choice if we value comfort.