Fashion for Mothers and Daughters – the Most Interesting Trends 

Fashion, as nature, is cyclical and even predictable, though it can be hard to judge when once popular trends will return redoubled. This season we are back to the 1980s! The hallmarks of this decade are bold colors, including vibrant fuchsia, wide, puffed sleeves, padded shoulders, and undershirts with interesting slogans, for example relating to feminism. Are you wondering what the accessories are? They would also be appreciated by previous generations – small bags and shoes straight from the disco.

Vintage Dresses and White Blouses – Known for Generations 



It’s no exaggeration to say that, due to the cyclical nature of fashion, a wardrobe conscientiously cared for – even over-conscientiously – means that clothes will pass from hand to hand. With a simple, subtle alteration or fancy accessory, a granddaughter can successfully look stylish in beautiful dresses from her grandmother’s youth. Such possibilities mean the creation of ever more trends. Recently, designers have revelled in interesting combinations of tradition and modernity. Vintage dresses or one-piece jumpsuits have returned like pretty boomerangs to the catwalks and shop windows today. And since some of the garments – such as maxi skirtswhite blouses or floral skirts – can survive three generations, it’s easy to imagine a situation in which a mom and daughter who share the same tastes and styles also have a common wardrobe or exchange clothes freely. The shared style could be a favourite cut, colour or material. It is also worth stressing that, in fashion today, the canons that impose specific stylisations are of no significance. More finesse, imagination, freedom and sensibility in tasteful combinations of clothes and various accessories count for much more.

Little Black Dress from a Classic Collection – Safe, but a Good Choice? 

The current season and fashion trends leave a lot of room for freedom and choice in terms of styling for everyday wear and for evenings. Mothers and daughters can breathe a sigh of relief – little black dressesbeautiful dresses and one-piece jumpsuits all look good at a party or formal event. But it’s also worth considering traditional maxi skirts with bold accessories or sweet dresses for hen parties, weddings or informal events, where an unstifling dress code calls for a synergy of laid back elegance. There are no boundaries regarding age or status, as both kinds of outfit will work for any age. They should, therefore, be part of both the mother’s and her daughter’s wardrobe; for it is obvious that the latter, approaching adulthood, takes more care of her appearance and swipe her mum’s clothes, shoes and accessories. 

The safest dress – for women who value a classic collection – remains the little black dress, which is the quintessence of femininity, and possessed of a versatility that makes it a good choice for both mothers and daughters. The choice of accessories depends on the occasion. However, for ladies who like to experiment, designers create clothes in bold colors: a pink jumpsuit emphasising the figure, perfect for brunettes, a white jumpsuit for the darker skinned woman with the perfect figure and – interestingly – girlish floral skirts emphasising the charm and strengths of the figure, especially in combination with women’s blouses. And, this season, blouses should be with flounce, tapered at the waist, in bright pastel colours. Beige, light brown and – by comparison – bold colours such as fuchsia, orange, yellow and green, dominate this season. Designers emphasise the importance of toning down – so blouses should soften the effects of skirts. If, for example, you opt for a flowery skirt, take care to match it with a white blouse that emphasises toning down and class. This is the advice of designers for both mothers and daughters.

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What are Designers Offering Up? 


Shoulders, shoulders and more shoulders. They have become the focus of the most fashionable shows this season. Designers have made it a point of honour to celebrate the most feminine – and often overlooked – parts of the body. Trends this season are not confined to age and proportion – the fashion gurus of New York and Italy offer up a carmen neckline for every type of figure, so they work equally perfectly for the youthful style in combination with high-waisted trousers, and with maxi skirts, among mum’s favorite wardrobe items. The waist, along with the neckline, plays a big role. Beautifully highlighting women’s shapes is the main task of designers – a task, as it turns out, that they are more than equal to. The traditional white blouse with a slim cut enhancing a svelte silhouette is the perfect choice for young ladies going to the club, and for some older women whose everyday lives involve business meetings or evenings with close, longstanding friends. Light, seductive elements this season include trends for flannel or wide sleeves. Carefully selected blouses with trousers or a maxi skirt are a sensational alternative to elegant dresses for special occasions such as a little black dress from a classic collection; for, while these are a good choice because of their versatility, they no longer surprise anyone.