The Clothes Not Worth Sneaking Out of Mum’s Wardrobe 


Fashion is universal today, and we are more tolerant, so the line between what mums and their daughters can and should look like is clearly blurred. However, there are things that are more suitable for older people, such as dresses for special occasions with flounces and puffy sleeves. They add years and dignity, similar to loose sweaters with geometric patterns and heavier shoes in the wedge style. When it comes to skirts, it is still good to expose your legs at a young age – no one will complain about a short skirt or cuts that hug the figure, such as pencil skirts

Youth Fashion – What to Wear to a Party?



We are harking back to the 1980s, so everything is allowed everywhere, especially in fashion. On the dance floors of the largest clubs and in homes, disco hues of orange, cobalt and pink, and materials such as chiffon or denim dominate. Everyone will find their own style. For girls who like to shine and dream of being a princess, the designers suggest sweet dresses that most often reveal the shoulders, emphasise the waistline, and have flirtatious hemlines. These dresses are distinguished by sequins and sparkles that light up the creation, as well as pastel bright colours, such as blue, pale green or powder pink. With such an outfit you should choose high boots in a colour similar to the dress, but you must remember that the heel should be the thinnest possible. Wedges and thick heels are not allowed because they give the styling an air of seriousness, which is not the point. The lightest of the described styles are chiffon dresses, which are becoming increasingly popular as evening dresses and dresses for special occasions


The ideal choice for girls with character who value not only the look, but also comfort, are one-piece jumpsuits. They can be made of elastic material, and include the popular pink jumpsuit or white jumpsuitLess formally, and equally interesting are denim jumpsuits, which, worn with platform shoes, can achieve a truly party effect. Such stylisations are recommended not only for home. If we choose sports shoes – we can easily wear them to a barbecue or a bonfire. 

The Best School Styling for Girls 


Although school is associated mainly with strict rules and uniforms, it’s not something we have to worry about today. Clothes should be understated and comfortable, but that does not mean that girls cannot afford a little extravagance. What works best in the school corridor? High-waisted trousersmaxi skirts and one-piece jumpsuits in subdued colours. Pink jumpsuits would not be a good choice here. A school meeting is also a good opportunity for you to present good taste and style. Dresses for special occasions, such as chiffon dresses in beige, dark blue and black, work well. What else? The classic collection – a white blouse and pencil skirt. A maxi skirt or a short skirt, for example a leather skirt, will all work. Just remember that it shouldn’t be too short – as this is neither tasteful nor convenient in the school corridor. And, for physical education classes, maybe denim shorts

For girls who love tights and dresses, designers have come up with lots of different stylings. Today, vintage dresses that suit natural beauty, together with flat-heeled shoes and a jacket or sweater, are fashionable. If the weather is cooler, choose a long-sleeve dress. Today, it is not only the fashion and cut, but the accessories and colours of clothes that make a difference. 

Thanks to disco and a return to the 1980s, there’s no need to be afraid to experiment with colours. Today, they are dominated by spicy greens, deep blues and cobalt, strong pinks, orange, lime green and yellow. But that does not mean you have to abandon beige, bronze or white – these colours are perfect for the more daring elements of your wardrobe. Remember also that the devil is in the details – choose small bags on chains, made of leather or suede. Feel free to go to town with jewellery, in contrasting colours to the shoes or handbag. And, in terms of shoes, bold colours, silver and gold are fashionable. Today, you can dare to shine.